Something Simple

Cold Cereals


Corn Flakes, Bran Flakes, Raisin Bran,  Muslix, Gluten-Free Rice Crispies.

Add sliced banana 

Hot Red River Cereal


A porridge with wheat, flax and rye, served with milk and brown sugar.

With blueberries 



Served with 2% or skim milk.

Fresh Fruit Bowl


An array of seasonal mixed berries,  apple, melon and banana.


Breakfast Medley


Greek yogurt, granola and fresh fruit.

Lox and Bagel


Open faced smoked salmon, capers,  red onions and cream cheese with your choice of bagel.



“Unmissteakable” homemade bran muffin with raisins and dates, served with juice  and coffee or tea. 

Banana-Berry Smoothie


Banana, seasonal mixed berries, yogurt  and juice.



Meats Strip Bacon (4), Back Bacon (3), Ham (1), Sausage (3)


Homemade Ground HChorizo, Homemade Corn Beef Hash

One Egg


Crepe (Plain)


Hash Browns


Greek-style Yogurt


Tomatoes (Fresh or grilled)


Hollandaise Sauce


Toast (Multi-grain, rye or white)


Baked Beans


“Unmissteakable” Bran Muffin


(Homemade with raisins and dates)

English Muffin


Bagels (Plain or multi-grain)


Cheddar Cheese (Slice)




Grilled Asparagus


Omelettes (served with shredded hash browns and toast)

*Egg white omelette: add $3.75*

**Substitute English muffin or bagel: add .75**


Combo Omelette


Our house specialty!A deluxe mix of ham, cheddar, mushrooms,peppers, tomatoes and onions. 

Crab & Asparagus Omelette


(Locals’ favourite!Crab meat, asparagus and jack cheese  served with Hollandaise sauce)

Create Your Own Omelette


With the following choices: ham, strip bacon,cheddar cheese, mushrooms, peppers,tomatoes and green onions.

Eggs a La Carte

(served with shredded hash browns and toast)

**Substitute English muffin or bagel: add .75**

One Egg


Two Eggs


(any style)

Three Eggs



Add your choice of strip bacon, Canadian back bacon,

ham, sausage or homemade corned beef hash or chorizo:

Big Breakfast


Two eggs, Two strips of bacon, Twosausages, Two pancakes, shredded  hash browns and toast. No substitutions.

Mixed Grill


Two eggs, Two sausages, Two strips of bacon, grilled tomatoes and shreddedhash browns and toast

Breakfast Sandwich


Hard fried egg, strip bacon and cheddarcheese on a toasted English muffin or bagelservedwithshredded hash browns.



Strip bacon, lettuce and tomato on toastor toasted bagel served with shreddedhash browns.

Eggs Benedict Please!

(served with shredded hash browns )


The Classic Benny

$10.99 (one egg) $15.99 (two eggs) $17.99 (three eggs)

The Best in Town! A toasted English Muffin, topped with Poached Egg(s), Canadian Back Bacon and Hollandaise sauce.

The Harvest Benny

$10.99 (one egg) $15.99 (two eggs) $17.99 (three eggs)

A Vegetarian Treat! A toasted English Muffin topped with Poached Egg(s), Sliced Tomato,  Asparagus Spears and Hollandaise sauce.

Smoked Salmon Benny

$11.99 (one egg) $17.99 (two eggs) $19.99 (three eggs)

The New Kid on the Block! A toasted English Muffin topped with Poached Egg(s), Smoked  Salmon and Hollandaise sauce.

Chorizo Benny

$11.99 (one egg) $17.99 (two eggs) $19.99 (three eggs)

A toasted English Muffin topped with Poached Egg(s), Mel’s Homemade Spicy Chorizo Sausage and Hollandaise sauce. 

From The Grill


6 oz. Sirloin

8 oz. New York Strip

10 oz. Rib Eye 

Huevos Rancheros


Two eggs, any style, on a flour or corn

tortilla topped with salsa and gently baked

 with cheddar and Jack cheeses. Served

  with shredded hash browns and toast.

Add Mel’s Homemade Spicy Chorizo



Add Sour Cream

Pancakes and French Toast (One/Two/Three)

Large Homemade Buttermilk Pancakes

$5.99 (one) $9.99 (two) $13.99 (three)
$5.99 (one) $9.99 (two) $13.99 (three)

Thick Cut French Toast

Add Choice of Meat 

Add Real Maple Syrup 

Belgian Waffle


A thick, fluffy waffle, topped with

 blueberries and whipped cream. 

Swiss Apple Pancake


The famous Swiss-style pancake made

  with fresh apples topped with cinnamon,  

 sugar and fresh lemon. 


Banana Nutella


Served with fresh whipped cream.

Mixed Berry


Served with fresh whipped cream.



Juice (Apple, Orange, Grapefruit, Tomato, Cranberry)





Coffee (Regular or Decaffeinated)


Tea (Herbal or Black)


Milk (2% or Skim)


Chocolate Milk (2%)


Hot Chocolate


Pop / Iced Sweet Tea


Milkshakes Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry